Thirty years !!

1985 to 2015

Thirty years ago I started taking photos of myself. This was due to a thought I had about how a mirror can lie to you. I felt that I was getting better with makeup and hair, but since I am also an amature photographer, I wanted to see what the camera said I looked like. Needless to say, I was quite suprised that my "minds eye" view was considerably different that the view the camera gave me. This process started me on a track of photographing any new outfits and experiments with different makeups. Shortly thereafter, I also started using a video camera to practice speech and comportment. I feel that it is very obvious how I have evolved over the past 30 years. I can say that there are many photos and videos that will never become public.

10 years prior to this (1975)I was participating in some thrapy that was instrumental in helping me better understand who and what I was. Those days were the very first steps of the acceptance of myself. Unfortunately, it took another 23 years to find that I was not the only one doing these things.

I was still deep in the closet, with the exception of my second Wife who inadvertantly gave me a kickstart by offering to dress me as a female on eveing. I had to tell her that I had wanted to do that for some time. I continued to stay in the house until 1998. The rest is already documented history.

The photo below is a compilation of 1985 and 2015.

I am so happy and comfortable with who and what I have become!!!!

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