Ten years out!!!

April 1998 to 2008

2008 brought me to the 10 year mark for being out. It really seems like a very long time. The changes that have taken place, over those years, have been astounding. From a closeted Cross Dresser to a "very Out" Transgender, Jamie has become the Woman she has always wanted to be. A full transition is not a goal. As a Cross Dresser I am very happy to just be able to express the Jamie that is inside me. I feel that the two, Jim and Jamie, have found a very good balance. Jim is a much more enjoyable and stable guy to be around, and Jamie has developed into a well behaved and stylish Woman.

The photos below show how I have grown, visually. It is kind of amazing that I still have the same outfits that I was using in 98. Although my current wardrobe is considerably larger than it was then.












As you can see, there has been a noticable change, although my look then was much better than 10 years eariler.

I did say that these photos show how I have grown visually, There is no easy way to demonstrate how I have grown mentally and personally. I do feel that I have found a very good balance between my male and female self. Jamie is the predominant force, internally, even though Jim is visually there. As I have said, many times before, Jim is a much more stable and likable person due to Jamie's influence.

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