A fun experience on the road

On the way home from Southern Comfort, I had previously scheduled a Presentation at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville Arkansas.
         Since it was on my way home from Atlanta it worked out well. After leaving Atlanta, I drove to Little Rock Arkansas, for an evening stay. It was about an 8 hour drive so I needed to make the stop, instead of driving all the way to Russellville. I had checked out some hotels online before leaving for SCC.  As I approached the Little Rock area, I stopped to check out one of the hotels that I had seen online. I was not happy with the looks and location of it so I did a search on my GPS and found a Super 8 in North Little Rock. I called and spoke to the desk person and found that they had some vacancies.  I have never been able to get my voice to pass, on the phone, as Female so I got the “sir” pronouns. I drove on to the hotel and parked out front.
     As I entered the lobby, the desk clerk, who turned out to be the manager, met me and was emphatic about showing me the renovations that were being done to the lobby and breakfast area.  I commented that it all looked very nice. She then went behind the front counter and started to check me in. I said that I just wanted one night and she took my credit card and ask for my ID. Since all I have is my male drivers license, I handed it to her. She then said, “your not James”. I was taken back a bit, but replied “ actually I am”. She said “Oh” and I explained that I had just come from a large Transgender event and was going to be doing a presentation the next day. She didn’t appear to be too concerned with the situation so we continued with the registration. We continued to chat about different things and she commented that she also had issues with being identified as a Male, over the phone.
      I ask her about a place to eat dinner and she recommended a local restaurant that was just up the road. I commented that I was a bit nervous about the “Bubba” population hasseling me and she replied that she did not think that would be a problem, since I was doing a very good job of presenting my Female presentation. That made me feel pretty good, and I thanked her. I left to get my bag and go to my room. After getting situated I headed to the restaurant, only to find it closed. I went on up the road, toward the Shopping area, and found a suitable chain restaurant and had dinner. The rest of the evening was uneventful. I headed out the next morning for some shopping before I headed to Russellville.
  I have always been amazed at the number of times I have apparently passed and the other times that I have not. All the way to Atlanta, I stopped at gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants and hotels. I was always treated well and they used the correct pronouns. Once I got to Atlanta, I had checked into the Event hotel and was visiting the Gift Shop. The cashier used the “Sir” pronoun as soon as I approached the counter. I politely corrected her, but was still curious as to what I did to initiate that comment. It was obvious, to me, that the evening at the Super 8 in North Little Rock I was passing very well. since as soon as I walked into the lobby I was seen as a Woman. That lasted up to the time that I showed her my  ID. I guess I will continue to wonder, but I won’t dwell on it too much. I still feel that a nice smile and friendly greeting is the best way to go.   JR

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