A Day with Strangers




Jamie after finishing 18 holes of golf at Lonetree Golf Club


After a couple of weeks of vacation this summer, in Colorado Springs, I had the chance to join Datti and some other Tri Ess friends for a day of golf in Denver. Since Datti and I were the only ones to go enfemme we were a twosome. Since this was a popular course we got to be joined by another twosome. The two gentlemen were strangers to us, so we introduced ourselves and headed off to the Ladies tee. The other two were playing from the white tees (men's regular) so they got to go first. As we played the beautiful course we had some short conversations with Larry and Andy. They seemed to be very involved with their game and so were Datti and I.  Throughout the 18 hole course, for about 4.5 hours we were back and forth with them. They were always respectful and used all of the proper pronouns.
  After we finished and joined the other guys in the clubhouse. They were curious if we had been "made" by the two guys we played with. Datti and I both replied that we were not sure. They gave no indication, to us, that they figured out that we were Guys.
  All I can say is that I had a GREAT time and played a good round of golf. This kind of outing is always a high point for me. It is especially good when I get to spend it with good friends.
  Jamie Renae


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