On Wednesday the 29th,  2004, Jamie did another first. I had gone into Fayetteville to get some after Christmas business done and while I was in town, I decided to go visit a car dealership. My Wife and I have been discussing replacing the Honda, that we tow behind the Motorhome and I also drive on a daily basis. She had mentioned a PT Cruiser, instead of another Honda. Since I had never set in one, much less driven one, I wanted to go see what they were like.

      So, Jamie goes to the local Chrysler dealer and parks the car . She then walks down the line of new cars to the Cruisers. A salesman approached and introduced himself. I ask him if these were the new Cruisers and he replied that they were. He then smiled real big and asked me my name. I told him my name was Jamie, and we shook hands. I told him that I was looking for the used (pre-owned) Cruisers. He led me back to the other lot and proceeded to show me the inventory. We chatted about car things, like, was the Honda paid for, and was I wanting to trade it. He also explained that he had lived in Las Vegas for some years, prior to coming to NWA. During all of this idle gossip, he showed me all of the different options and equipment on the Cruisers. He then asks me if I would like to drive one, so I said yes, since I had never been in one before. He drove it to the front of the showroom and let me get in the drivers seat, after adjusting the seat and holding the door for me. We took off and I gave it a good test drive (without acting too much like a Man), I ask questions about the operation of different equipment and he was very good at answering my questions. After I parked the Cruiser back beside my Honda, he ask me what I thought and I told him that I was going to go look at the Hondas before I made a decision. I then got into my Honda and drove away.
     From the time that he introduced himself till I closed the door on my car, to leave, he was a perfect gentleman. I was treated like the Lady I was hoping to portray. Not once did he skip a beat in our conversation. I feel the he had things figured out (pretty well) but was not going to ask, just in case he might be wrong. His actions were those of a very dedicated car salesman. I am sure that he would have set down with me and arranged all of the necessary papers for a purchase, if I was so inclined.
     This episode was just more justification that shows that we can be out in public, as long as we are dressed appropriately, and behave in a lady like manner. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I guess the next episode will be when I go back, in Boy mode, to purchase something, if I decide to. That would be the “True Test” of a dedicated salesman.
Jamie Renae

Jamie and her PT Cruiser in Vegas in 2005

As an added note, I did end up buying a PT Crusier. It was from a different dealer, due to a very good bargain. J.R.


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