A great Thursday as Jamie






Outreach outfit









Since I returned to work, I have been working on attending another outreach session
for The H.R. Department, at the University. I finally got the word that I was again
invited to sit on the panel for the Sexual Orientation Discussion.

This is a 3 hour panel presentation including a question and answer session. Shortly before the date of the Panel, I was looking at my Statistics program, for my website, and found that several people from the University had paid me a visit. When this happens, I always try to stop by and see if they have any questions. These happened to be in the same general department that I work in. The Ladies were very amazed that Jamie and Jim were the same person. They were also very curious about me being Transgender. Since I knew that I was speaking on the upcomming panel, I suggested that they attend. Two of them did. The other one was unable to get enough time away from her desk. They ask me if I would be interested in going to lunch, after the presentation, with them. I, of course, said that I would love to. The presentation went very well. I was one of about 8 other panelist. The subject was Sexual Orientation. There were representatives there from all aspects of the GLBT community, as well as a local Therapist, whose speciality was Transgender. There was also the Dean of Students and a representative for the University Safe Zone program. Needless to say, we were all limited to a short presentation, so that the attendees could ask lots of questions.

After looking back on my first outreach experience, I can see how I have grown. I walked into the room and introduced myself to the other panelists. I told them my name and where I worked. They all accepted me as I was. Some of them I had met from past events around campus. I took my seat and the panel started. As my turn came up I explained the differences in the different definitions covered by the Transgender umbrella. I then gave a very brief history of my path and then a short history of the Transgenderd. There were many questions and some of them were directed towards me. I feel that the total panel was a success. I received some feedback from the H.R. representative that several people commented on my presentation. Most were very impressed that I could stand up in public and share my experineces.

After the panel was over, I joined my new friends as we walked accross campus to our cars. I commented to one of the Ladies that a few years ago I would not have even considered walking that far in a public place. We all met back at the resturant and the hostess seated us. The wait staff was very respectfull and efficient. We all chatted about my experiences as well as things that were going on in their lives. It was a wonderful time, for me. I feel that they enjoyed it also.They were impressed that the waiter addressed us as Ladies and Maam. I also expressed my gratitude to that.

Of course, all good things have to end and lunch was over. My guests had to return to work and I had some shopping to do.

Since that time, we have all gotten together again for lunch. I have to say that this is, in my opinion, the epidimy of being a cross dresser. To be accepted as a Woman and treated as such, is so very fullfilling for me. I have always preferred the company of females, even as far back as Jr. High. I continue to socialize with the same Ladies, even in Boy mode at work. We are planning another lunch date soon after the first of the year.

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