Diva Las Vegas 2003

I decided to accompany one of my favorite Sisters,Tootsey, to Las Vegas this Spring. It is called a vacation, not a convention. There are things planned,such as dinners, parties and limo tours, as well as lots of other fun things to do. It is a week of just having fun with a realy nice group of TG Sisters from around the world. What better place to put on your favorite outfit and have some fun.

Tootsey and I call it "Mainstreaming"






























After Tea, still at the Four Seasons

High Tea at the Four Seasons



As you can see, a great time was had by all. Vegas is a very TG friendly town. There was so much to do, I havn't even come close to showing you everthing we did. Diva Las Vegas is an annual event. You can find a link to the DLV website on my Links page

The Bellagio flowers

We did attract some local attention.The two Black Ladies wanted a photo with us

I just like this look

Sisters with nice legs

Getting ready for the Limo Tour

Overlooking the Strip

Back yard chat

At a local Resturant

It was Red Shoe Night

at a local club

After a Show.

I am in the back row, behind the real women

My Sister Tootsey

In front of Cesears

on the Limo Tour

First night, with some new Sisters

Getting to know some more


























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