This year found me living in Sebring Florida permanantly. We have sold everything that we had in Arkansas. Sebring is located pretty well in the center of the state so it is about an hour and a half to either Tampa or Orlando. Not a lot to do, for a Transgender Lady, so I have to go east or west to meet with others. I have made an aquaintance that lives close to Tampa and we have met for lunch for several months.I have been to Trans events in Orlando and Tampa. Unfortunatly most of thier scheduled events are in conflict with my family responsibilities.

My "boy" side stays busy with golf and socializing with the other folks in the community we live in. Winter brings a large number of Snowbirds from the north so we stay quite busy.

I have managed to travel to Atlanta for a Fall Fling with several Ladies, some of who are also Vanity Club members. It is a small group so we are able to go out for dinner and socializing easily.

This year has been pretty lonely in that I have not found any Trans ladies in the local area. Other that me standard Wednesdays, It's been pretty quiet.

I am looking forward to 2019. I have met a Trans girl from the Tampa area, Rickie, and we plan to get together for lunch before Christmas.

Other wise I am looking forward to the upcomming year.

   Photos from 2018


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