2017 started out pretty slow. We we were still in Florida and working on personalizing our new home. Jamie was still getting just one day a week. That was enough to keep up my shopping and just being out. I spent some of those days thinning out my winter wardrobe, since Sebring seldom got below 40 deg F.

   This schedule went on untill May when we headed back to Arkansas to close up the rental house we had there. I had a lot of my wardrobe still there so I continued to thin that out. We also started to thin out the Furniture and basically everything else in the house. The house in Florida was fully furnished so we didn't need much there.

    I started to contact the friends that I had in Fayetteville to say goodby. This is what I do miss the most. There were a lot of folks, LGBT and otherwise, that will be missed. After being in one place and very active for about 18 years I was going to have to start all over. The Compassionate Cities group decided to give me a going away party so I got to see many of my close friends there. One high point of that party was when the Mayor showed up.I had met him several years eariler through the FFEAC organization for the City. We kept bumping into each other at various functions over the years. He was always so accepting and a very open minded Mayor. At the party he presented me with a Certificate of Apprecation that he had signed.




    My time out has moved to Wednesdays, but I do get out alot more than once a week. The early part of the year was spent in Florida again, so even though Jamie got to go, it was very limited. There was not a lot to do so shopping and just getting out some was pretty well the most I did. The one exception was getting to play a round of golf with one of my Vanity Club Sisters My golf sucked really bad that day and I hope to have a better time next time.photo

I also got to join a few VC Sisters in Orlando for dinner one evening.

    I did discover that there is a quite active Trans group in Orlando. I am on line with a Meet Up site that keeps me up to date on their events. I did get to meet one of the members for lunch before I left. I plan to get to meet many more this year.

    After returning to Fayetteville in May we started gettin grid of all of our household stuff. Some we sold, some we gave to kids. We ended up sleeping on two fat air mattresses and sitting in lawn chairs. Our rental house lease was up the first of June so we went to month to month untill the end of July.

    We spent a week in Northern Michigan playing golf with friends and then came back to pack up what we had left. We crammed it all in a 10 ft U-Haul and headed to Sebring.




   We drove to Sebring in late July and don't plan to return to Arkansas except to visit.   I have mixed feelings about the move. I have made a lot of very good friends in Arkansas. I will miss them very much. Life goes on and I will do what is necessary to make new contacts and friends in the central Florida area.

   2017 came to an end with us in Sebrinng Florida making new friends. I have found a Transgender group in Orlando and also a VC Sister that I can play golf with. Hopefully, 2018 will bring lots of new possibilities.

    Here are some photos from 2017


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