Things continue to be very busy into 2015

    My time out is still centered around Thursdays, but I do get out alot more than once a week. The early part of the year was spent in Florida, so even though Jamie got ot go, it was very limited. There was not a lot to do so shopping an just getting out somewas pretty well the most I did.

 I continue to work with the Fayetteville FFEAC Inclusion Group. My work with this group has continued to be productive. The Mayor and one City Alderman, a Female, are regular membees as well as other City Administrators.They have all come to accept Jamie as a Peer.

 I have become much more involved with the Compassionate Cities Project. Compassionate Cities is an international organization to recognize cities that exhibit compassion towards others. It has started off slow but shows a good possibility for growth.Here again, Jamie has been accepted as a Peer. One of the events I did with the Compassion group was help host a movie at a local theater. I was out front taking tickets and greeting the guests.




   In June my Wife and Jim headed to Europe for a couple of months. We spent a lot of time Cruising the Baltic and then the Rhine. Needless to say, Jamie stayed home in the closet.   

I did get an Outreach session in the Spring and had 2 more and a panel discussion in the Fall. NWA Community College and the University of Arkansas is keeping me busy.  


   NWA Community College

    Fayetteville did manage to pass a new Equal Rights Ordinance this year also. It went directly to the voters and passed with a better margin than last year's repeal. Thisis still not totally done since the Arkansas Attorney General  has challenged that it is not in line with a new state law that prohibits local non discrimination ordinances. We have a good chance of winning that challenge.                        


  I am also still working with the NWA Center for Equality Transgender Peer Support group. We have managed to keep a good attendance each month. This is a mix of M-F and F-M individuals. Some are Post Transition and other are just getting started. I continue to work on the Board of Directors as the Trans community representative.

  I was able to attend the Fund Raising Gala for the NWA Center for Equality again this year. We had another great year. It was especially nice for me since my Wife agreed to join me. She is still a bit camers shy though.



  All in all, 2015 has continued to be a very busy, fun and productive year.


These photos from 2015 give some good examples of how things are proceeding.


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