Things continue to be very busy into 2014

    My time out is now centered around Thursdays, but I do get out alot more than once a week. The early part of the year was a little slow and I enjoyed my days out shopping and meeting with friends.

 I continue to work with the Fayetteville FFEAC Inclusion Group. My work with this group has continued to be productive. The Mayor and one City Alderman, a Female, are regular membees as well as other City Administrators.They have all come to accept Jamie as a Peer.

 The Inclusion Group shifted gears and now the primary role is the Compassionate Cities Project. This is just as it sounds. Compassionate Cities is an international organization to recognize cities that exhibit compassion towards others. It has started off slow but shows a good possibility for growth.Here again, Jamie has been accepted as a Peer.

     The rest of Spring and Summer was filled with Outreach sessions and just being out and enjoying life.                                 


I also attended the PRIDE parade in June again. We finally started to get more participation from the Trans community.


    I did get to go to Southern Comfort this year.I had a great time with the exception that this will be the last year that SCC is held in Atlanta. They are moving it to Ft. Lauderdale Fl. I guess this will be my last since the cost to travel to Flordia is not in my budjet. See some photos from SCC 14.                

  I am also still working with the NWA Center for Equality Transgender Peer Support group. We have managed to keep a good attendance each month. This is a mix of M-F and F-M individuals. Some are Post Transition and other are just getting started. I continue to work on the Board of Directors as the Trans community representative.

  All in all, 2014 has continued to be a very busy, fun and productive year.


These photos from 2014 give some good examples of how things are proceeding.


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