Life continues to be very busy into 2011

    My time out is still centered around Tuesdays, but I do get out alot more than once a week. The early part of the year was a little slow and I enjoyed my days out shopping and meeting with friends.

   My first visit to the Fayetteville FFEAC Inclusion meeting was interesting and I have continued to participate in that organization. We cover a large number of "Inclusion" issues dealing with cultural groups in the local area. I have been able to educate some others in Trans issues, but my goal is to educate the Fayetteville City Administration and staff in the issues Transgender people face on a daily basis. Hopfully that learning experience will let them see the need for additional action to gaurantee Transgender rights to public access and accomadations.

  I am still involved with a local collabarative that works with disabilities and violence issues. That has taken me to the Probation and Parole officers of one of the local counties here. I am looking forward to gettign a foot in the door of the local Human Services area and help them better understand the complexities of the Trans Community.


                             Jamie at the Spring Human Library

  As in last year,I elected not to attend Diva Las Vegas this year so that I could go to Southern Comfort. The rest of Spring and Summer was filled with Outreach sessions and just being out and enjoying life. I have started attending Peer Counseling sessions for Trans people, on a monthly basis,with the Center for Equality.
  I did attend the PRIDE parade in June again.


     September took me to Atlanta for SCC for my second visit. This year Katrina was able to join me. We took her car and I drove most of the time, since she was still having issues with circulation. We stopped for lunch in West Memphis before pressing on to Jasper Alabama for the night. We stopped at the local Walmart for some supplies and then on to a resturant for dinner.

SCC itself was another fun time. We got checked into the hotel, and contacted a Vanity Club Sister that I had agreed to help with setting up the Vendors Reception again. We helped her set up the vendors area and the next day vendors started to show up. It was nice to get to know some of the vendors this year.


    Katrina and I spent the next day,tuesday, getting to know the Hotel and surrounding area. Wednesday took us back to the Vendors room to help get the final vendors situated. That evening we both helped out with the Vendors Reception. Katrina was the Greeter and I helped serve the wine.



Thursday was the offical start of the Conference. I visited a couple of seminars and also joined a few Vanity Club Sisters for lunch. The evening started out with a wine tasting, with wines from Italy. I did discover a couple that were much to my liking. Following the tasting was the Vanity Club Dinner. This is the primary reason I attend SCC. The VC is an online soroity for Transwomen. We chat and exchange photos and comments online. That is all fine and good, but I feel that face to face conversation is sooo much better. The Dinner gives all of the VC Girls, attending SCC, a chance to sit down and get to know each other better. It is held at an Italian restruant in the Perimimeter Mall. It is a very nice place. We have an upstairs room with a full bar. There were about 30 of us this year so needless to say we had a GREAT time!!




View additional photos from SCC


   This year was a first for the Vanity Club. Our President, Jeannine, Set up a VC Reception in one of the suites. This was the first time this had been done and it went over very well. Many of the VC girls attended and some brought potential new members, for us to meet. We had wine and snacks, and a very good time.

    On a side note, as I was sitting and enjopying a glass of wine, a girl came up to me and ask if I was Jamie Renae. I answered and she related to me that she has been following my website for several years. I was astounded!!! I know that I get a lot of visitors to this site, but I seldom, ever, get to meet any of you. We had a very good conversation.

    Sunday we packed our bags and headed home. We stopped in Little Rock, at the Super 8 again, but the management had changed. We visited a local Mexican restruant for dinner and returned to the hotel for the night. Monday found us back home.

  All in all I would have to say that my second trip to SCC was a success.


  November brought another "Human Library" at the University. I scheduled all three days and ended up having some very nice visits. I had one reader that was a student from Russia. She returned to her Country and organized a Human Library in her Country. It was very successfull.

   For those of you that missed it, the "Human Library" is an event the Ombuds Office, of the University of Arkansas, puts on twice a year. The "Library" is a selection of books (people with interesting stories) that can be checked out by readers for a 45 minute session. This is done in a comfortable setting on Campus. I have been participating in this event for several years.

  I continue to work with the Disabilities and Violence Collaborative. The FFEAC Inclusion Group (Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council) also continues to give me access to another level of the general publis, as well as the City Administration.
  I m working on educating the City officals on Transgender issues.

  All in all, 2011 has been a very busy, fun and productive year.


These photos from 2011 give some good examples of how things are proceeding.


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