2010 has been another very busy year.

     I have come to a point that I just get dressed and go out. Tuesdays are my day and I spend it doing things around the house or going shopping and visiting with friends. I have also learned the difference between shopping and buying. I have more that enough clothes in my closet, so I browse the sale racks, as well as the rest of the stores, to see what is new and then I take a few interesting things to thefitting room. There are times that I try a piece on and can redily see that it is not for me. It may look like a pretty piece on the rack but when I put it on there is something that just does not look right. This process has been a great benifit, since I used to buy it and try it on at home. If I didn't like it then I would either leave it in the closet or toss it. Not a very economical way to do things.

    Other that Tuesdays, I am doing more outreach presentations and working with non-profit organizations. I do a monthly meet with a local collabarative that works with disabilaties and violence issues.


  I elected not to attend Diva Las Vegas this year so that I could go to Southern Comfort. The rest of Spring and Summer was filled with Outreach sessions and just being out and enjoying life. I have been trying to get back involved with the Center for Equality, the old GLBT Community Center, but I don't seem to find enough time to do that and give my Wife the time she needs and deserves.
  I did attend the PRIDE parade in June.


   I did another class presentation for the Grad School at the U of A in August that was especially nice, in that I was able to use the full hour and a half for presentation and questions. I usually just get 50 minutes.

   September took me to Atlanta for SCC. I had planned to go with a Sister, but she developed some medical issues that would not let her ride in a car that long. So, since I had already paid for the event, I decided to drive to Atlanta by myself. This was probably the longest drive that I have ever done by myself. I had to stay one night in a hotel in Alabama, since it was a total of about 12 hours from Fayetteville to Atlanta. The trip was uneventful and everyone that I dealt with was polite and used the correct pronouns. Based on that I have to assume that I did "pass" in most cases.

SCC itself was a fun, and interesting time. I got checked into the hotel, 5 star, and contacted a Vanity Club Sister that I had agreed to help with setting up the Vendors Reception. Gina refered me to another girl that was doing a lot of the legwork. As soon as I saw her I knew that we had spent time before. Ginger has been a longtime attendee of DLV,so we already had a lot of history together. She needed some supplies so I took the list and headed to the local grocery store. Not quite like Dillards or JCP, but shopping is shopping.

I returned to the hotel and dropped off the supplies and changed clothes for the Reception.


  Everything went fine and I was able to meet some very nice folks.

The Vanity Club had a seperate Dinner for all of the VC members that attended SCC. This was one of the primary reasons I wanted to attend SCC. I was able to meet many of the Ladies that I have been conversing with over the past year.

                            This is a photo of Gina and myself


View additional photos from SCC

   On the way home from SCC I had made an appointmet with a professor at Arkansas Technical Univesity, in Russellville Arkansas. She had visited my presentation last year and wanted me to come to her Social Work class this year. I made an ovenight stop in Little Rock and drove on to Russellville the next day. I had an very good time with the class and hopfully it will repeat again next year.

    I have added a cute story concerning my stay in Little Rock on my "Stories" page.




  November brought another "Living Library" at the University. I scheduled all three days and ended up having some very nice visits. One included a Professor that will probably end up with another Outreach presentation possibility.


   For those of you that missed it, the "Living Library" is an event the Ombuds Office, of the University of Arkansas, puts on twice a year. The "Library" is a selection of books (people with interesting stories) that can be checked out by readers for a 45 minute session. This is done in a comfortable setting on Campus. I have been participating in this event for several years.

  I have also found another Diversity group to work with, in addition to the Disabilities and Violence Collaborative. The FFEAC Inclusion Group (Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council) is a city supported group that is working on inclusion for all people.
  I just started attending meetings in December so I am looking forward to educating the City officals on Transgender issues.

  All in all, 2010 has been a very busy, fun and productive year.


These photos from 2010 give some good examples of how things are proceeding.


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