2009 was a very busy, and insightful year for me. One of the things that has changed, for me, is that I spend a lot of time out on my own. In doing this I have little oportunity to get photos while out. I just find it too wierd to ask someone to take my picture. I even hesitate asking my friends, when I am out with them. These friends are genetic Women that I have become friends with from the University and some other businesses around the area. This is why many of the photos you will see here for 2009 will be taken at home. It isn't because I am not getting out anymore, but just not getting the "out and about" photos. They are still used to demonstrate some of the looks and outfits that I have.

   The year started out on a slow and easy pace. I did another outreach presentation for the local Crisis Center. This is a day with 2 presentations on Transgender explanations to local High School kids. As always, this was a great group to talk to. The kids are so accepting and curious.

   I had also been working with a monthly consortium with some local non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, the economy caught them and the funding went away. They closed the base organization. This was a big dissappointment for me, as well as the workers. I was planning on attending a seminar for State leaders in June. That would have been an excellent oportunity to expand the educational base to a larger number of State agencies.

  I decided to return to Divas Las Vegas and my Wife decided to join me. So Katrina, my Wife and I drove to Vegas. The trip was just as much fun as the earlier times. Traveling enfemme accross the Country has always been fun and interesting.I have been wanting to find a shorter hair style and I was able to have my Wife help me select a suitable look.
   I feel that we were very successful.


  We drove out through Arizona and New Mexico. We decided to do a different return this time so we returned by way of Utah and Colorado. You can see pics of DLV 2009 by clicking here (2009 DLV )

  Summer was again hot in Arkansas, so we decided to go back to Colorado for August and September. Jamie got to do some shopping, but overall she stayed incognieto.

  The end of March was my last day working at the University. I have gotten to the point of not having enough time for work so I gave it up. I still have been able to keep in touch with people there so I was able to do the Living Library in the Spring and Fall. This is a photo of me during the Fall session.

I also was contacted by a professor from Arkansas Technical University, in Russellville, to do a presentation for his Sociology class. I drove the hour and a half for that visit and was very well accepted. I also impressed another professor there so I look forward to 2 presentation this comming year. This photo is with the professor and a couple of students.



The rest of the year was pretty uneventfull. I continue to work on perfecting my presentation by fine tuning make up and hair style.

These photos give some good examples of how things are proceeding.


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