2008 has been a very active year

It actually started the Saturday before New Years. My Wife and I volunteer at the local performing arts center. They were doing a Holiday Special, with the Mars Candy people. The cooridinator said the it could be a costume night, so I decided to send Jamie as a gypsy. I was assigned the task of pouring and serving the Champange. It was a never ending line of people. One of the other volunteers said that I was creating quite a stir. It seemed that some of the patrons were not sure if I was a Male or Female. I guess I did pretty well.


February was another fun event. Through my contacts with Just Communities, I got to know the organizer for the local Crisis Center. They have a "Peer Counseling" session each year to introduce the Crisis Center workes to a diverse group of people, These were all Middle School and High School kids from the local region. I did two presentations and was very well received. I have been invited back for the 2009 session.


February also put me at the School of Social Work at the University. I did a session there for some students that were working on their Social Worker degrees.


In March, Just Communities held their Awards Dinner. Our TriEss group does work with them during the year so we get invited to help out at the Dinner. This year my Wife and Jamie got to work the Chocolate Fountian. This may sound like fun but it was a very messy task. I still managed to have a good time though.




I early August I returned to the University and did a presentation at the Graduate School for some counsulers. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos from that session. I am always resistant in asking someone to take a photo. It seems so pretentsious.

The University also does a "Living Library" twice a year, for three days. This is done where an individyual is the "book" that can be checked out for 45 mins. The questions are alway interesting, after they hear my story. This also is very popular and I get invited back for each session.

A Sister, Katrina Gayle, invited me to participate in a Fashion Show for the Eureka EnFemme Getaway Reunion in late October. I jumped at this opportunity, since I just can't imagine any more fun thing to do. I was able to join a few other Ladies and I got to model two outfits. I am still hoping to get some photos from that event, but even with all of the pics being taken I have not seen any posted. The photo below is a combination of the two outfits that I modeled.



December was our Sigma Mu Holiday Dinner. This year we were not able to do Ella's, due to a wedding taking up the complete facility. We paid a visit to a local Italian resturant. Some of the attendees did not want their picture taken so we managed to capture the regulars, Katrina, Helen and myself.



I have included some additional photos, from 2008, so you can see some of the other outfits and looks.

Photos from 2008