2007 was pretty slow as far as activities went.

I elected not to attend Diva LasVegas this year so I pretty well stayed at home. I did get in some outings but mostly just worked with Sigma Mu, our TriEss group, and went out with friends. I continued to work with Just Communities to keep my toe in the door for outreach, so I did get to attend the Awards Dinner again.


June started out as a fun month. I have a friend, Tess, that was organizing a "Queens Float" in southern Missouri. This was to be a canoe trip down the Current River. This is a popular floating river in SE Missouri. I spent some time on figuring out what I wanted to wear. I knew that an outfit that was OK to get wet was required. I searched far and wide for a swimsuit that was reasonably priced and found nothnig that I liked. I ended up with a swimsuit top and a pair of shorts.

I ended up joining several other Girls, along with my Wife and a couple of other Wives. We all met and headed to the river. It was a very fun time. We had 4 or 5 canoes and we did manage to raise a few questions, while on the river. Other that that we all had a great time. The last 20 minutes were spent in a summer downpour. I was soaked to the lining of my wig.


June was also the Gala for the newly formed Northwest Arkansas GLBT Community Center. I managed to convince some of my "born female" friends to joing us.


I did manage to help Just Communities out with their Walk as One,. This is a parade to demonstrate diversity inthe community. This not only includes GLBT, but also the other Nationalalities that are living in this area. I also was able to visit Eureka Springs, for Enfemme Getaway in late October.



December was our Sigma Mu Holiday Dinner and we did it again at Ella's restruantat at Carnal Hall on the U of A campus.



I did manage to get some additional photos during the year. I have continued to add to my wardrobe and am havig to thin out some of my older things. I still find this very difficult to do. I have told my Wife that my clothes are kind of like kids to me. I seem to have a personal connection with them. To add them to the donation pile is very difficult.

I have included some additional photos, from 2007, so you can see some of the other outfits and looks.

Photos from 2007