Things continued improving for 2006.

     2006 started out kinda slow, for a change. I was busy working with Sigma Mu, the TriEss group I  am the President of. I also was working on finding a new photo location in our new house. I really do  miss the stairs, that I had been using over the past years. I continue working on my presentation and I  find myself getting very comfortable with my look. The MAC make-up is giving me very satisfying  results. I have also had good results with laser hair removal.
    I again returned to Las Vegas, for Diva Las Vegas. This year Tootsey and I decided to organize the  English High Tea.This is a favorite event at DLV. I had a very good time making the arrangments with  the Four Seasons staff. I decided to fly this year and I have become quite comfortable with it. (story).

         The summer took us(my wife and I)away from home. We decided to take the RV to Alaska, and  back. We left in mid-May and planed to return in mid-August
 We had a wonderful time and saw so many beautiful sights and places in Canada and Alaska. Jamie had a few outings and she had fun, as usual.

This was taken at the Farmers Market in Fairbanks,Alaska

We were able to pass through Denver Colorado on our return leg and visit with some TriEss Sisters. Denver is another very friendly city for TGs. After Denver we moved on to Colorado Springs for a 30 stay. We visited with old friends, kids and grand-kids. Jamie got to brealk another "Taboo".

    I spent many years in the military, so I have a lot of respect for the military way of doing things. Having Jamie pass through the Gate Security has always been a "just dont do" for me. The fear of being discoverd and exposed, and possibly detained, has always been on my mind. Since I have broken all of the other barriers, eg. flying, Customs, and vounantarily walking into a local police station, I decided that it was time to do this last thing. We were staying at the US Air Force Academy campground. This is on the Academy grounds.Since Jamie was going out to different places during this stay, she just had to do it. Driving off of a base is easy. Seldom is anyone stoped. I left the base and met Tootsey and did some shopping and had dinner, in the Springs. Then Tootsey and I joined the TG group that I started with, in '98. After a great visit Jamie headed back to the Academy. It was after dark and the gate was a little busy. I pulled out my military ID, with my male photo on it, along with a drivers license and my TG ID card. As I approached the gate security guard, I rolled my window down and handed my Military ID to the guard and said "good evening". He replied with a "Thank yo Ma'am ", and handed my ID back to me.I pulled away smiling . Again, Security is a "NON ISSUE". I have come to realize that a smile and the appearance that you are comfortable with what you are doing, goes a very long way.

  We headed back to Fayetteville in mid-August. It was good to get home and spread out some.

   I returned to work a week later and found everything pretty much as I left it. Since being back at work I have outed myself to several other people that I work with. It seems like as soon as I start talking about issues, I have to comment that I am a Transgenderd Cross Dresser. Virtually everyone I have told has been impressed that I do that and then they start asking questions. I contacted the Professors and HR people, that I did presentations for last year, and they are setting up new ones for me. I am really looking forward to getting back into Outreach.(update) I have also gotten involved, again, with the GLBT community here. They are working on getting a Community Center started again, so I just have to get my hands in. I am already involved with the Events Committee, that is planning a Gala for June 07. I will also be visiting Dallas for Holiday EnFemme, in November. November also took our Group, Sigma Mu, to Eureka Springs for the Diversity Weekend.

    As I have said eariler, I have outed myself to some more co-workers. I have also discovered that others, that already know, have been passing the word. I continue to find that more of the people at the University have discovered Jamie, through this site. As I go talk to each one, I find them so very accepting and interested in what I do. I have made some close friends with these Ladies. We get together for lunch whenever Jamie is available.

    I also spent a Saturday in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for their Diversity Weekend. Some of the other "Girls" had set-up a presentation on the Transgender community just for the Gay/ Lesbian group in this region. It was well received and I feel that they got their points accross. I also got to spend time with a new Sister. It was her first time out in public and we got to do some shopping and had a nice long chat at a local resturant/lounge.

At a Resturant in Eureka Springs

    Two days after the Diversity Weekend, I packed my bags and my Wife and I drove to Dallas Tx for Holiday Enfemme. That was another 7 days of Jamie doing her thing. I shopped and visited with friends. There were also some very good seminars to sit in on. I also gave an impromptu presentation, on outreach training, since one of the presenters was not able to attend.

   As with last year, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and personal comfort. I continue to work on improving my presentation to the public. It takes me little time to make the mental transition from boy to girl. My cosmetic transition has also gotten shorter. This is due to the Laser hair removal that I started last Fall. Almost 95% of my dark facial hair is gone. The gray is still there but it is almost invisible, until it starts to grow out. I can easily go for 6 to 8 hours with no trouble. If I am out longer that that I try to get a touch up shave. Everyone has been very accepting. I feel that my photos for 2006 demonstrate the progress that I have made.

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