2005 has proven to be very satisfying.

     The year started out with a charity event, Pretty in Pink Fashion Show. This was an event to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, of North West Arkansas. There were several of us that volunteered to help out. We all got a lot of exposure during the set up of this event. I came out of it with a firm knowledge that I was about as comfortable as I was going to get, presenting Jamie, in public.We had a minor glitch with a couple of the organizers inthat they were not happy with us being there, dressed as Women. I stood toe to toe with them and I finally found the primary Organizer. She had no problems with us at all. In the past I would have turned tail and left. ( See story ).
    I also returned to Las Vegas, for Diva Las Vegas. This year Tootsey and I decided to organize the Limo Tour. This is a premier event at DLV. If you can imaging 7 stretch limosines pulling up to the entryway of a major casino, on the Strip and six very well dressed Ladies exiting each limo. Well, all I can say is, that it does get some attention. We all get out and do a photo shoot and then we head off to the next casino. Of course, we also manage to get our pictures taken with most of the "very curious" tourists that were that when we got out of the limos. The whole trip was just as much fun as the previous year. Kathi Sue and I drove from Arkansas and back, so we had a very good time being out and about.
    The summer brought a new twist. We normally travel in the summer, but this year things just didnt work out. Since I dont work in the summer, and my Wife did, Jamie had lots of time to do "Girl things" I have started putting together a DVD library of a lot of my home vidieos, that I have used for practicing my look and outfits. I also finally managed to record a "Lip Sync" of Jamie singing a Fleetwood Mac song, Say That You Love Me, by Christine Mc Vee. I was very happy with the outcome.
    I guess the most exciting thing that I did this past year was fly to New Hampshire, for the TriEss Holiday EnFemme. Flying has always been that "Thing" that I was unsure how it would work out. My fear was that I would get to the airport and the security people would give me all kinds of trouble. Well, I must tell you that the flying was a "NON-EVENT". The TSA people were very good to deal with. I had a great time and can honestly say that I will be doing a lot more flying, enfemme. I already have my reservation to fly to Vegas for DLV 2006.
    I was also able to get back to doing presentations at the University of Arkansas. I made some contacts in the Human Relations area and was able to educate some more employees. I am looking forward to doing more, this comming Spring. One of my presentations conected me with a Professor that I work with,in Boy mode, and I was able to give another presentation to a classroom full of students. Again, I was received very well by all.
    Overall, I feel that 2005 was another "Landmark" year. I have managed to fine tune my appeance to the point that I am very comfortable. Most of my family knows about Jamie and a good number of the people at work also know. Everyone has been very accepting. I feel that my photos for 2005 demonstrate the progress that I have made.

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