New Orleans Trip


One of my first outings in 2004 was a trip to New Orleans, La. My wife and I went for a week with another couple, Tess and her wife. Jamie drove from Fayettteville Arkansas to New Orleans. The trip was pretty uneventful, except while we were driving through Mississippi we came over a hill and the valley was full of blue lights. I thought it was an accident, but since it was dark I had to wait until I got closer. It turned out to be a "traffic check" by the State Troopers. Since I had done this drill before, I got out my drivers license and TG ID card. I also had my wife hand me the registration and insurance. I rolled down the window and was greeted by a Mississippi State Trooper. He virtually filled my window. I feel that he must have been a Defensive lineman in an eariler time. As I gave him my papers, he handed back the registration and insurance. He then looked at my ID again, and ask "Is this you?" I indicated the second ID card (TG) and after he looked at it he just handed them back to me and turned around, with his back to me. I ask the other officer if it was OK to leave and he motioned me forward. We drove off barely able to contain ourselves. I am sure that we were the topic of conversation for at least the rest of the night.

The rest of the drive was realative uneventful, except for the girls in the Subway Shop, further down the road the nextday. The only thing that I can say is that where ever we go we always make someones day, by giving them something new and exciting to talk about.

We got into Slidel La, in time to do some looking around before the first parade of the Mardi Gras season started. We visited the Abita Brewery and sampled their beers and got a tour. The parade was my first, so I was not sure what I needed to do to get some beads. I found that I didn't need to raise my top, which was a good thing. I guess I could have taken one Silicon prosthesis out and showed them, but I hadn't had enough to drink to do that. It turned out that I got plenty of booty (Picture). Tess and I had a great time that day.

We got to the Condo later that afternoon and got checked in. After that it was non-stop fun. We spent lots of time exploring the French Quarter, sometimes with our wives and sometimes just Tess and I.Take a look at some of the Photos taken during that trip.New Orleans Photos