2004 was another very busy year

    By the time Holiday Enfemme 2003, in Denver was over, I had been ask if our TriEss group, Sigma Mu, would consider hosting the 2004 HEF. I got home and at the next meeting I ask the members, and we all decided that we would go for it.
   By the time January 2004 came around I had visited the hotels in Fayetteville Arkansas and found the the Radisson was going to be our choice, to have our event.
   That was the start of 2004, and it has turned out to be a banner year for Sigma Mu and Fayetteville. Since I just work 4 days a week, I had most every Friday to do whatever business I needed to do. Of course I just had to do everything En Femme!!! I spent the Spring and Summer meeting with all kinds of business people. This included Resturants, Hotel staff, shop keepers, for vendors, the local Mayor, Police dept. and Chamber of Commerce. Since I was out most of the day, I also had to eat, so I was normally meeting other wait staff and just being out in the general public. I did have other Sisters with me most times, so they also enjoyed the time.
   Just to break the routine up some, my wife and Jamie, along with Tess and her wife, spent a week in New Orleans, just before Mardi Gras. That was way too much fun. After driving from Fayetteville to The Big Easy as Jamie, and getting to meet the Mississippi Highway Patrol one evening, it turned out to be a GREAT time. (it was a traffic stop for DUIs, and New Orleans pics)
    Late April took me to Diva Las Vegas, for my second visit. Kathie Sue and I headed out from my home and we picked up Tootsey in Amarillo Tx. Then the three of us drove the rest of the way to Vegas. I have to say that the second year was more enjoyable than the first, if that is possible. Tootsey and I organized the Limo Tour for 2004. It was a little bit of work, but it was a good way to get more comfortable with our femme selves. An event, like Diva Las Vegas, is kinda like a family reunion, after the first year. I had made several aquaintences  in 2003 and solidified those, as well as made new ones this year. I will definately be back for 2005.
    DLV 2004 Photos
    After returning home after DLV, things kind of slowed down, except for the HEF2004 planning. I did manage to give a day of my time to help out the NCCJ, National Center for Community and Justice, with their "Walk as One".
   Since I was spending so much time out in public and dropping my name everywhere,I decided that I should tell my boss about Jamie. She was very good about it. Actually, she just smiled real big and said "that explains a lot of things". I guess my blended personality was pretty obvious.    
   After returning from a Summer vacation, in boy mode, Jamie got back to the final organizing for HEF 2004. It was all worth it!!!! We had about 58 people and some very good presenters. Everyone was overwelmed by the friendliness of the people of North West Arkansas.
   Prior to HEF I decided to let the rest of my work team in on the secret. I sat down at lunch on day and explained to them all about what and who I was, and what I was doing. Some were more impressd than others, but they all were very accepting. Since then there have been a couple of other co-workers that I have discussed Jamie with.
   All in all, 2004 has been a very positive year for me. Whenever I go out, I feel completly at peace with myself. I have found that sales people respond very well to a friendly smile and a gracious looking Lady(?). There has not been one negative reaction all year, and i know that there are many more people in this area that feel comfortable with a Cross Dresser. Several resturant managers have said that we are always welcome in their establishments. I have to say that being out in public, doing normal, everyday things, may be the best outreach that there can be.

Photos from 2004