Pictures from 2003

This year has been so busy! I have had lots of time to shop and go and do different things. Those kind of activities are all confidence builders. Now I just get dressed and go pretty well anywhere I want to go. It is like people just dont notice, and if they do they dont say anything. With all of the public places I have been this year, I have not had a single negative experience.

Tootsey and I drove to Vegas from Arkansas and back, enfemme. We stopped at motels, resturants, gas stations and the Security check points at Hoover Dam. Not a problem anywhere.

I feel that I have also made a major advancement in my make-up application. I know that it shows up in most of my photos.



























One of the places I visited was Las Vegas, for Diva Las Vegas. It is a full week of "Just having Fun" Follow this link for photos of DLV 2003

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New looks and events

of 2003



At the NCCJ Walk as One, in Springdale Arkansas

(a great charity)

My first Capris

A new Raquel Welch wig

The same hair with another favorite sunderss

A nice sumer outfit

A new and cool dress

A new top and wig, by Paula Young

A new top with new capris

My Raquel Welch wig with a new combonation

Which looks better in or out?

A new skirt and top

With a different top

And yet another top